Red Bay, Labrador

Canadian archaeologists dig up 400-year-old Basque bones



Canada's CBC News reported on the finding last week. DNA studies into the bones will help to unveil more about the lives of Basque whalers. (Image taken from Guillermo Zubiaga's 'Joanes the Whaler').


The bones of Basque whalers who died over four centuries ago were recently unearthed by archaeologists in Red Bay, Labrador, in Northern Canada.

As well as finding more than a hundred human skeletons, archaeologist Jim Tuck and his team also discovered the remains of Basque sailing vessels that sank hundreds of years ago in the seas near Red Bay.

Basques were drawn to the seas surrounding Labrador and Newfoundland during the sixteenth century to hunt Right and Bowhead whales, which were prolific at the time.

The bones are now locked away at Newfoundland's Memorial University. Archaeologists intend to use the latest methods for studying DNA to learn more about the lives of Basque whalers.




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